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Foreign Kids are Sadder

I never know what to do with this blog. I have a timid 21 followers which is probably more close friends I have in real life anyways. I only know maybe 4-5 of my followers IRL. I think val, maria, and ashley are the only frequent ones on here? 

I think Maria may already know this story Im about to share.

this is the story of my first ever experience with a naked female / girlfriend. I was 13 or 14 and the girl in the story was named Amber Wilkinson. Not wilkerson, thats some girl that works at pavement. Maybe her last name wasn’t wilkinson, i cant really remember.

Regardless this girl was somehow a year older than me making her 15 but a grade below me because she had failed or something. She lived in the house behind mine. Her and I had met at a little league football game and had done the 13 year old version of dating. Making our parents take us to the mall and movies whatever. On our first date walking in the food court at baybrook mall she asked me how big my dick was. I dont remember my answer but im sure i lied or offered to buy dipping dots or something. I followed her all over the mall even into the parking lot because she wanted to find “a sweet makeout spot” I had never made out at the time. Kissed girls terribly yeah, but tongues and everything, nope. We never found a spot because I was too scared of getting caught by someone. We had a few more movie dates in which she revealed way more than I was comfortable with at the time. She told me she had lost her virginity at 12 to some boy named “Billy Glacier”. Now older, im 100% that that person doesn’t exist and she was trying to be like cool older girl. She also told me she would rather suck my dick in the movie theater than make out with me because she was scared of our braces getting caught. Neither happened, well not at the movies at least. Another date ended up with us at a park and for some reason being idiot kids we decided to climb into a sewer pipe and crawl around in garbage. Inside the pipe, crawling on our hands and knees she asked me to “whip it out”. I declined and which case she started hitting and slapping me and calling me a faggot. That was out break-up. 

Months later, i walked into my backyard and Amber and her 5 year old brother Ryan were swimming in my families pool. My dad was out of town and I guess she assumed it was ok. She convinced me to join her swimming. After about an hour it turned into a game of truth or dare. Blah Blah, we played back forth and eventually she dared her brother to close his eyes for 30 seconds. Well not to add more unnecessary detail. This 5 year old closed his eyes and within 10 seconds, Amber pinched her nose, dove underwater, pulled down my swim shorts and proceeded to give my first 3.5 second blow job underwater. My dad’s girlfriend saw the whole thing from the kitchen window. I only know this because she told my dad and he asked me if it was any good.

The day after the aquajob, this girl once again showed up to my house wearing her bathing suit. I was home alone this time. She proceeded to tell me “how turned on” she was knowing she was my first blowjob and how she touched herself that night and more explicitly how her “panties were like Niagra falls”. We slowly walked upstairs and for some reason ended up in my dad’s room. She asked me if i wanted to “touch and kiss her boobs”. Shakily, I answered, I did. She told me I could only touch them if I licked whipped cream off them because that was her favorite. Rushing to the kitchen and hunting through the fridge I could only muster up two things I at the time though were comparable. A bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch, and a bottle of Hershey’s Strawberry Syrup. I liked ranch, and i liked strawberry milk. While not the same as whipped cream obviously she proceeded to squirt a glob of each on each bare nipple and a little trail leading to her bikini area for me to lick off. Gagging on salty ranch and a mouthful of strawberry syrup hastily licked off a 15 year old white trash girl was my first experience with the naked woman form.

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my ex gf is crazy dumb, emphasis on cray cray. 

New Mix by me to be sad and happy about. Some friends songs and stuff i ripped off youtube and messed with some. its real bad

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